When I run the dashboard into my Outlook folder i get errors and a message that it can't be run outside of Outlook. What is wrong?

Your Outlook version is 2000 or earlier. Early versions of Outlook does not support the scripting commands of Jello.Dashboard.

I get lots of errors when trying to load the dashboard and I end up with a blank or partly loaded screen.

This can be caused by various reasons:
1) Your Outlook version is really old and does not support the Dashboard’s code. -Upgrade Outlook
2) You have some extra security plugins in Outlook.
3) Your Outlook installation is corrupted
4) Your Internet Explorer security settings do not allow running of ActiveX controls or specific script types.
-Test running the standard Outlook today page. If it cannot load too you may need to repair your Outlook installation.  

I get a blank space where the Outlook view (Inbox, Outlook calendar or any Outlook folder) should be.

You probably have a corrupted Outlook View Control installation. -Try repairing your Outlook installation, or completely re-install Outlook.

How this application works? Are there any registry keys/Dlls/Add-Spyware? Is my computer at risk?

The whole code of Jello Dashboard is pure HTML and javascript, unlocked and unscrambled so its really easy to see what is going on inside (although it could be better commented and divided) if you know your way around javascript. There is no installation script or evil code inside and the downloadable installer just copies files and not modifies your registry or adds any dlls to your system.
The settings Jello uses is just a journal entry named <jello.5 settings> stored into your default journal folder. Tasks are connected to contexts and folder just by their default Outlook categories field.
The Outlook Security Model makes sure that the code won’t drive you to any external sites or access your personal information without your permission (it limits Jello’s functionality but it is better to be on the safe side).

How can I transfer my Jello Dashboard to another computer?

This is a relatively easy task. Except for your actual tasks and appointments (or any other type of data you use) you need to transfer only the settings journal entry which is located into your default journal folder. You can e-mail or copy it by opening and saving as an .msg file and then drag and drop it into your other computer. Jello will find the settings and make the connection between contexts and Outlook categories.
I'm facing problems using the dashboard in an exchange server environment Try switching out of offline mode.

How can I uninstall the Dashboard?

Except for the uninstaller (which is available from version 3.2 and removes jello files and program group), you must unset its webpage from your Outlook's folder home. Right click on the folder in which the dashboard resides, click properties and go to the Home Page. Then just click on the Restore Defaults button and you won't see the dashboard again! There is nothing left out in your system except a journal entry under the name of <Jello.5 Settings> which you can safely delete. More info in this post.

What is the difference between tags and projects?

Tags and projects are basically the same data type. It’s recommended though to use tags for GTD contexts and project tags for your projects since the application has to know which tags are project tags to display them in the projects widget for easier tracking.

  Is jello.Dashboard available to other languages?

Its available to some languages for the moment, but if you want to add a new language file you can do it yourself and share it. You can freely change the values of the lang.js file to create a file for different language. Change only the text inside the quotes. var txtDelete="Delete"; If you want to contribute with a language file for a language you can email me to include it to jello's webpage for download.

What is GTD? How can I find more info about it?

You can visit the original web site of David Alen co. http://www.gettingthingsdone.com