Jello Dashboard will help you to...

  • Work with your existing Outlook data
  • Easily organize your actions in lists using tags
  • File tags into folders using a system hierarchy
  • Manage Inbox quickly and keep it empty
  • Collect information in bulk from folders or by free text writing
  • Work with Ticklers from the Outlook Calendar and Task due dates
  • See all information important to you using the homepage widgets
  • Review your action lists quickly and easily
  • Get your lists, print or send them
  • Work with your familiar Outlook application
  • Manage and view your existing Outlook folder structure.
  • Control application’s behavior through an extensive set of user settings
  • Use it in any Outlook system (even if you have no admin access) by copying a folder to your hard disk. No installation required, no registry or DLL entries to worry about.
  • User data and preferences are saved inside Outlook so they can easily be backed up or transferred. No third-party database engine is used.