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Jello Dashboard release 5.30

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since my last release, but after dealing with some bugs and adding some new functionality, I have uploaded a new Jello version. But don’t expect many new additions. My main focus is to keep the project working since both Outlook and Internet Explorer become a very restricted environment for non-real add-ons like the dashboard.


In the latest release you will find some new stuff in the jelloapp.hta helper application:

  1. An easier interface for setting and un-setting the Dashboard into your Outlook using the jelloapp.hta which runs automatically after the installer finishes.
  2. Exporting of data in a tiddlywiki web page.
  3. Exporting of data in a todo.txt file.

Both exporting functions were developed in various times and I’ve decided to add them to the release to enable users to get their data out of Outlook for their convenience. I would also like to add that this version was tested in Outlook 2013 and Windows 8.1.

Many thanks to all friends who mailed me, helped me tracked bugs and keep using Jello Dashboard.

Please visit the Download section of the site to get the new version.

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