Jello.5 beta just released! 8 hrs ago

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Jello 5 beta is out!

Hello everyone! After 7 months of development, drawbacks, bugs, fixes and more bugs the new version of Jello Dashboard (codename:starbot) is ready and available for download. The product has just left the alpha status and became a beta. That means that there should still be bugs and some errors may occur from time to time. All bugs [...]

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  • Just a notice: All new screenshots from the upcoming version of Jello Dashboard are posted right after development at jello forum. They are not real updates so they won't posted here. #
  • Pierre Morsa wrote a really extensive Jello Dashboard review on his blog. Of course its in French. [Translation link] Thanks Pierre! #
  • Joel Falconer of Stepcase lifehack added Jello Dashboard to his latest article "19 Free GTD Apps for Windows, Mac & Linux". This list includes some really cool applications like Chandler. Thanks Joel! #
  • There is a new poll for Jello users. Please take a moment to offer your feedback by answering 12 questions. The poll is hosted on Google Docs. 8/10/08 update: The poll is now closed after 69 answers. Thank you. #
  • has the most complete GTD software applications list I have read until now! 107 Applications (and counting), categorized and reviewed, for any operating system there is (Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Handheld and Python). It's hard not to find your dream system there! (They've already included the Jello.Dashboard's 4.51 beta!) Thanks Kevin Crenshaw! #



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