Sunday, May 29, 2016

Welcome to Jello Dashboard

Jello Dashboard is a Getting Things Done< (GTD) solution for Microsoft Outlook® 2003 and above. It is released under the GPLv3 open source license. 

Jello Dashboard uses your existing Outlook data and manage them in a more comprehensive way, of following the GTD methodology by David Allen.

Jello Dashboard: Streamlining Your GTD Journey with Outlook

Are you a fan of the brilliant time-management practice, Getting Things Done (GTD), by David Allen? Do you find yourself struggling to implement GTD using various tools and methods? Look no further! Jello Dashboard is here to simplify your GTD experience, utilizing an underestimated feature of Microsoft Outlook®. Let's dive into this comprehensive GTD solution that seamlessly integrates with your Outlook data and enhances your productivity.

Introducing Jello Dashboard - Your GTD Solution

Jello Dashboard is an open-source GTD solution designed to work with Microsoft Outlook® versions 2003 and above. Released under the GPLv3 open-source license, it allows you to harness the power of GTD without the need for specific or expensive tools. With Jello Dashboard, managing your tasks, projects, and goals becomes more intuitive and organized, following the principles laid out by David Allen.

Seamless Integration and Easy Access

One of the key advantages of Jello Dashboard is its seamless integration with your existing Outlook data. All you need to do is extract the files to a folder, and you're good to go. The best part? It does not require any installation, making it suitable even for locked-down company machines. Jello Dashboard makes use of Outlook's web-enabled homepage to present your data in a more comprehensible way, giving you a holistic view of your tasks and priorities.

Making GTD Work for You

GTD is known for its do-it-yourself nature, allowing users to practice it with a pack of cards, a standard organizer, a PDA or cell phone, a notebook, or plain paper and folders. However, implementing GTD can sometimes be overwhelming, and this is where Jello Dashboard comes to the rescue. By leveraging Outlook's capabilities, Jello Dashboard streamlines the GTD methodology, making it easier for users to manage their time effectively.

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It runs in any PC with Outlook installed, even a locked-down company machine because it does not necessarily need installation. 
You can extract all files to a folder, and use it. No further alterations will be made to your system.

Getting Things Done (aka GTD) is a brilliant time-management practice conceived by David Allen. A part of its greatness lies within its do-it-yourself nature with no specific or expensive tools required for practicing it. You can apply the principles of GTD using a pack of cards, a standard organizer, a PDA or a cell phone, a notebook or plain paper and folders. And this is exactly the point where the whole thing gets complicated and overwhelming for lots of users. 
That’s the reason there is a great number of GTD applications out there for every operating system and taste.
Jello Dashboard is a solution which takes advantage of an underestimated feature of Microsoft Outlook®: The web-enabled homepage, which is used to present to the user existing Outlook data in a more comprehensible way.