Sunday, May 29, 2016

Welcome to Jello Dashboard

Jello Dashboard is a Getting Things Done (GTD) solution for Microsoft Outlook® 2003 and above. It is released under the GPLv3 open source license. 

Jello Dashboard uses your existing Outlook data and manage them in a more comprehensive way, following the GTD methodology by David Allen.

It runs in any PC with Outlook installed, even a locked-down company machine because it does not necessarily need installation. 
You can extract all files to a folder, and use it. No further alterations will be made to your system.

Getting Things Done (aka GTD) is a brilliant time-management practice conceived by David Allen. A part of its greatness lies within its do-it-yourself nature with no specific or expensive tools required for practicing it. You can apply the principles of GTD using a pack of cards, a standard organizer, a PDA or a cell phone, a notebook or plain paper and folders. And this is exactly the point where the whole thing gets complicated and overwhelming for lots of users. 
That’s the reason there is a great number of GTD applications out there for every operating system and taste.
Jello Dashboard is a solution which takes advantage of an underestimated feature of Microsoft Outlook®: The web-enabled homepage, which is used to present to the user existing Outlook data in a more comprehensible way.